Mobile Bank

based on - Mercedes Benz atego 4*4 BMU

The Euracom Group Mobile Bank sets new standards in efficiency, comfort and safety when it comes to  banking.


Full Independence.

Fully equiped with an ATM and a climatized banking cabin the mobile bank has the capability to offer the same service as a regular bank. Meanwhile the Mobile Bank is fully independent from the local supply.

It offers an independent electricity, climate and an encrypted and fully automatic SAT system which can be directly linked to the respective national central bank.


Maximum Safety.

B3 to B6/B7 protection levels allow maximum employee protection in the drivers and banking cabin. Additionally, two guards can be placed in the armored guards room.

A real time camera and tracking system can let the headquarter know where the Mobile Bank is at every second.

Mobile Banks - project lybia

Mobile Banks  Project Lybia

Overview Parameters and Features

based on - Mercedes Benz atego 4*4 BMU


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Rapsweg 23, 12683 Berlin, Germany