Armored Cars and buses


Tailor-made Comfort.

Every armored limousine that we produce is a product that is one of a kind. It is tailor-made.

In all of the possibilities - from the sort of materials and exact size, over technological advancements like air filter systems, remote controlled, moveable seats or smart glass - we embed our longstanding experience.


Unprecedented Protection.

When it comes to protection not only the single material is decisive but also the interplay of them. A good example is the driving dynamique that is affected by a very heavy armoring. We balance such influences and find the best conformance in unifying features and components.  An unprecedented protection level is reached by finding the perfect match between materials and features.


With this line of action we reach the highest possible armoring levels (e.g. VPAM 7) and deliver a limousine that is unprecedently agile and safe on the street.


Superior Longevity and Technology.

That our armored limousines drive safely even after several decades is based on the usage of premium brand cars, our focus on longevity (e.g. reinforced braking systems) and extremely persistent materials - such as Kevlar.

This approach is complemented by the use of emergency systems (e.g. fire extinguishing systems, runflat tyres) as well as communication / signaling systems (e.g. siren or flashing lights).

Armored Mini Buses

Comfort Interior.

Similarly to our armored limousines the armored mini buses are tailor-made, coined by an interior that is composed of comfortable, natural materials - such as different kinds of leather or wooden surfaces. A digital control system makes it convenient to steer seats, the temperature or an optionally installable fridge.


Entertainment systems provide the passengers with stereo surround sound and high-definition flat screens. An Intercom-system with a stationary telephone makes pleasant communication possible everywhere.


Impervious Exterior.

Among others, bulletproof glass, a strengthened chassis and runflat tyres protect the passengers and the driver of our mini buses. This assures a feeling of relaxation and control also under possibly  dangerous conditions. It is coupled with the notion that the agile driving dynamique despite the heavy armoring of the mini bus makes it possible to smoothly get out of precarious situations. 

Our mini buses can be certifiedly armored until VPAM 7 protection class - which protects them against handgun and rifle shootings as well as grenades.


Luxury interior conversions

example - based on MERCEDES VIANO VIP

Stretching conversions

example - based on mercedes S 600


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