new: e-shield series

Modular eurabus 3.0 series

a bus like never before. Maximum independence. unprecedented protection.

full electric power

With 600 Kilometer maximum range the Eurabus E-Shield Series can easily overcome bigger distances and is completely independent from fuel supply.

A battery with a capacity of up to 773 kWh equips the bus with full electric power - day by day.

An Aluminium Lightweight Design drastically decreases the weight of the bus and allows the bus driver to benefit from an advanced driving dynamique.

Moreover, it allows up to 150 passengers to fit into the bus (18-meter version) and higher armoring levels with heavier protection.

We assure a guaranteed warranty of 10 Years on the full battery performance. This means that after this time the performance of the battery is the same as in the first day of usage. The Modular Eurabus 3.0 Series is German TÜV EU certified.

Overnight Charging makes the dependence on electricity supply over the day obsolete and favors the battery due to a slower charging rate.

Due to an Intelligent Service Network the Eurabus E-Shield Series benefits from an IP-based maintenance service. The predictive maintenance function facilitates the detection of weak spots before real damages can occur. This allows the bus to reach new dimensions of longevity. 

high quality protection

The Eurabus E-Shield Series can be armored until the protection level BR 6 / VPAM 7. With this armoring level passengers and driver are protected against handgun and rifle shootings as well as grenades. 

See also Armoring Levels.

The Euracom Group has 30 Years of Experience in armoring all sorts of vehicles and fleets (History).

With the start of the Eurabus project more than 10 years ago the Euracom Group gained unique widespread experience in the field of electric buses as well:

The Eurabus 1.0 was the first modern fully-electric public bus in Germany that was sent to the road - by a public transport provider in Pinneberg (North-Germany).

Tailormade and modular assembling allows us to adapt the Eurabus E-Series to your needs: starting with the size of the bus over tracking and camera systems until the protection level and armoring requirements. Every bus is a unique custom-made production.

Worldwide experience in exporting armored vehicles and fleets to over 50 nations enables us to understand the specific characteristics of regions and their requirements.


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